Pathetic Liar

Have u ever met someone who is a Pathetic Liar?  Someone who has to lie constantly to keep his/her life going.  They lie about nearly everything.  Their family, friends, work and of course their own affairs and feelings. 
It is unclear if the Pathetic Liar feels bad in letting people knowing the truth, but it is apparent that others would feel worst when they know that the Pathetic Liar is throwing out a lie blatantly.  Of course, if the Pathetic Liar is a very skillful liar so much so that people aren’t even aware of the lie and believe it is the truth, that might be fine.  However, the Pathetic Liar usually fails tragically on that test.  
Why does the Pathetic Liar love to lie so much?  Perhaps the Pathetic Liar cannot comes to terms with his/her own existence.  Or the Pathetic Liar does not want to make a clear statement of the matter in question.  And most pathetic of all, the Pathetic Liar lies to please.
It is such a pity that we are surrounded by so many Pathetic Liars.  Life is already complicated.  Why then we have to put up with people trying to mask their lives at the the expense of our faith and trust?

One thought on “Pathetic Liar

  1. Pathetic Liars are taking advantage of Others\’ feelings, which are always Vulnerable at the outset. We have been taught to remain faithful and trustworthy even in front of the Pathetic Liars. Pathetic Liars have NO Right at all to make any negative influence on our attitude to Life and Others, but We do have our Rights to eliminate the Pathetic Liars from our Life Path…Let\’s not waste our time with the Pathetic Liars. Know their tricks and Give them our Kicks!

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